We love Cambodia.



It’s not just the ancient temples that make the Kingdom so beautiful- from the hills in Mondulkiri to the coast along the gulf, Cambodia is filled with diverse landscapes and exotic animals. Sometimes we forget how our actions can have a negative impact on the environment surrounding us. We want to give people the option to choose to be eco-friendly. That’s why we provide creative and innovative solutions to help reduce waste in Cambodia.


Plastic bags are inefficient.


Most bags are used for less than 20 minutes, to carry items from the store to home. But the life of a traditional plastic bag is much longer. In fact, plastic is estimated to last from 500 to 1,000 years. It’s made from a non-renewable resource and causes a host of problems to the environment whether it’s thrown on the street or in a landfill. 

So how can we provide a solution? We think placing our biodegradable bags into stores and markets as an eco-friendly alternative might be a start. Look for them in any of our partner stores and let us know what you think!


Our Biodegradable Bags

Our bags are made with cassava, a root vegetable grown throughout Southeast Asia. The cassava reduces plastic usage and allows our bags to biodegrade in under five years, whether it is in water, soil, or even buried in garbage. But just because they biodegrade doesn't mean they are weaker. Filled with hot soup or produce from the market, our biodegradable bags are as strong as traditional plastic bags. 

Find Our Bags


You can find our biodegradable bags at any of these eco-minded businesses. Be sure to support these and other environmental friendly places that are doing their part to keep Cambodia clean!




Born out of a concern for the damage we’ve done to our one and only Earth, Cleanbodia was started as a way to bring eco-friendly ideas and solutions to Cambodia. We realize the amazing potential that Cambodians have to be a force of change for the environment not only in Southeast Asia but across the globe. We aim to help foster that change in a creative, dynamic, and sustainable way.