Check out some answers to inquiries we often get. If you can't see the them, just click on the question.

Do you deliver outside of Cambodia?

  • No, for orders under 500kg.
  • Yes, if you require a custom order of 500kg. Please fill out the Custom Order Form.

Can I distribute your products?

Maybe! Just fill out the Distributor Request Form to apply to be a distributor and if we think you are a potential distribution partner, we’ll contact you.

I want to put my logo on your bags. Is that possible?

It is possible! But it requires a 500kg minimum order per bag type. Please fill out the Custom Order Form.

How many bags are in 500kg?

That depends on the size, thickness, and handle type of the bag. For example, our Large Garbage Bags have about 12,000 units per 500kg while our Carrier Bags have almost 90,000 units per 500kg.

How strong are your bags?

Our bags are tested to be just as strong as your typical (and evil) plastic bag. For example, our Carrier Bag is quite thin at about 14 microns thick but can hold over 3kg.

Why can't you ship me a small order (under 500kg)?

We wish we could! The cost and reliability of shipping outside of Cambodia is quite prohibitive.